Unalaska , chapter 6

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Image of Unalaska , chapter 6 Image of Unalaska , chapter 6 Image of Unalaska , chapter 6

UNALASKA-as the ship made for shore they felt the shadow of the whale who symbolises the issues within the family.The ship and the whale become one,the funnel becomes the blow hole.
Print size 20 x 20 cm with a 50 mm border - Printed on Studio Xpression Smooth Paper , 300 gsm 100% Cotton
All prints are signed by the artist .
This image was one of 24 illustrations for the novel The Girl at the Edge of The World , a story about Gail , an artist and mother who travels with her two young children to recover the belongings of her recently deceased father. On this Journey she reflects on her past relationship with her father and begins to paint again to help her conquer her depression and move forward with her life .
These are her paintings
Several of these illustrations received a merit award in the book illustration section at the i-Jungle International Illustration Awards 2017